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Jaxland was conceived by a group of friends in Sept 2016 wanting to create athletic casual clothing. After designing the JJ smile the concept of making happy clothing began.
Randy “Jay” Jackson’s interest in ‘Do anything, look good’ wear lead him to produce a clothing line with his friends to give people smiles. With a diverse group and always inclusive a new space was founded, Jaxland. Always happily looking forward to the next step and smiling at the next challenge, Jaxlands philosophy is Always Happy Always Smiley.





​Born In Hiroshima

Living in the shadow of the larger cities in Japan has lead Hiroshima to have several unique characteristics. From a more casual approach to life to a strong sense of community. In its prominent history Hiroshima has found its strength in philosophies of peace and unity. Through these sentiments it has not only been able to reshape itself but been able to become a global beacon for these ideas. Peace and unity have also lead Hiroshima to have a outstanding history in sports and social activities. Hiroshima's achievements have always been supported by a driven and loyal community. This loyalty and history is often shown by its fashion. Rooted in these concepts Jaxland is continuing its home city's tradition of peace and uniting people throughout the globe.